Quality Policy

Ital-Lenti has been dealing with the production of ophthalmic lenses for over sixty years. Founded in 1955 as a company producing mineral rough blanks for lenses, it is now one of the most innovative Italian companies in the field, able to compete with the major international groups.

Long experience and a strong focus on research and technological innovation have enabled Ital-Lenti to achieve excellent results, often anticipating the market with new solutions.

Based on its Quality Management System, Ital-Lenti sets the following essential requirements:

  • Direct, continuous and permanent commitment by the Company in the management of the Quality Management System, promoting the use of the process approach and the risk-based thinking and the commitment to continuous improvement;
  • Rapporto con il cliente, grossista o ottico, improntato sulla massima collaborazione, cercando, sempre e comunque, di valutare adeguatamente tutte le esigenze, sia esplicite che implicite, al fine di dare tempestive risposte e soluzioni adeguate alle tematiche esposte;
  • Relationship with the customer, wholesaler or optician, based on maximum cooperation, always trying to adequately assess all the needs, both explicit and implicit, in order to provide timely answers and solutions appropriate to the issues presented;
  • Compliance with all mandatory laws and regulations, in particular those of medical devices.

The QMS developed by Ital-Lenti complies with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 15. The communication, understanding and application of this policy, as well as the availability possibly to the relevant interested parties, are ensured by the constant commitment of the Management. During the Management Review, the corporate detail objectives are processed.

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