Super-hydrophobic anti-reflection coating

A latest generation coating that optimises lens performance in terms of transparency, strength and ease of cleaning, increasing visual comfort and reducing lens care time. In a word, it is a CLEVER coating.


The high-tech Ital-Lenti machines that deposit the coating operate in a high-vacuum chamber resulting in almost 100% elimination of the reflections that bounce off the polished lens surfaces, thus guaranteeing vision of unrivalled clarity. CLEVER lenses achieve a light transmission factor of 99.35%.


CLEVER is a super-hydrophobic, oleophobic and antistatic coating.
This means that dirt, dust and lime-scale particles do not stick to the lens, leaving it extremely smooth and easy to clean.


This coating includes a hardening layer that increases the resistance of the lens to wear and tear over time by shielding it from attack from agents that would otherwise degrade it.