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The Ital-Lenti production process starts with the order; the IT system generates a bar-coded label, containing all the data for the lenses and  processes requested. From that moment on, the production chain is completely automated with human intervention only for the purposes of supervision and checking. Once the semi-finished blanks have been selected they are transferred to temporary storage where they remain just long enough to allow the material to stabilise.



ITAL-LENTI: half a century of innovation in technology

Ital-Lenti has been in the ophthalmic lens manufacturing business for over fifty years. Founded in 1955 to manufacture glass blanks, today it is one of Italy’s most innovative companies in the optical industry, capable of competing with the global giants.

In the 1960s the company supplied NASA with special cobalt lenses for the protective visors used in the Apollo space missions. 
This long experience coupled with a serious commitment to research and technological innovation has made it possible for Ital-Lenti to achieve excellent results, often being ahead of the market with new solutions. In 2005 Ital-Lenti was the first Italian company to produce progressive varifocal lenses with the progressive corridor on the back surface, made possible by the completely automated production process using custom software to calculate lens geometry.
This major turning point allowed Ital-Lenti to further optimise its operations with the addition of three automated production lines using flexible machine tools leading to a considerable reduction in storage for semi-processed materials and improving the service provided to opticians in terms of both quality and delivery times.