Transitions™ Xtractive Polarized
Transitions™ Xtractive Polarized

Thanks to the system of pigments that make up the matrix material, Transitions® lenses react and activate in the presence of UV. But the windshields of vehicles filter this radiation so the lenses are not activated inside the passenger compartment.

Transitions® XTRActive have been designed with a double pigment system that is also activated in the car behind a windshield, ensuring adequate coloring and protecting the driver's eyes from sunlight.

Transitions® XTRActive lenses are produced in the 3 colors Gray, Brown and Green

The latest technological innovation: Transitions® XTRActive Polarized - the first photochromic lenses with dynamic polarization

- the most advanced technology in the Transitions® lens range.

Transitions® XTRActive Polarized represents the union of two revolutionary photochromic technologies: the new Xtractive and variable polarization.

The result is a clear lens indoors that darkens and becomes 90% polarized outdoors.

Transitions® XTRActive Polarized lenses are the ideal solution for all customers but especially for those who are sensitive to light and who spend a lot of time outdoors. Dynamic polarization counteracts glare from reverberation for greater comfort and better visual quality.

  • Indoors

The lenses are clear with a very light tint to protect the eyes from harmful blue light

  • Behind the windshield

They are activated in the car to protect the driver's eyes from sunlight. In this phase the polarization is not active

  • Outdoors

They adapt perfectly to different light conditions allowing the lens to reach the darkest state in brighter light conditions

  • In conditions of glare from reverberation

Dynamic polarization is activated outdoors in conditions of intense light, reaching a maximum polarization efficiency of 90% when the lens is in its darkest state

The new  Transitions® XTRActive Polarized are available in gray