Degressive lenses

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Degressive lenses

Free-form degressive lenses

Office is an degressive lens with a depth of field designed for indoor use and therefore in enclosed spaces such as the home or office where the distance required is a maximum of 3/4 metres.

Free-form Office lenses have a degressive zone providing both the close and intermediate vision that is typically essential for office work in which the gaze has to move swiftly between the computer screen and paper on the desk.

Office lenses are available in 3 different designs for optimum vision in all the different conditions of use.

Book, optimised for reading and manual activities performed at a distance of from 40 to 80cm.

Monitor, ideal for working on a computer, with a field of vision from 40 to 120cm.

Room, giving a greater depth of field with vision optimised for between 40cm and 2 metres.