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Free-form degressive lenses

The innovative lenses designed to reduce to the minimum the effects of UV radiation and the high-energy visible (HEV) light emitted by wavelengths in the blue band.

  • UV Tech blocks 100% of UVC and UVB rays and over 99% of UVA rays
  • UV Tech also reduces harmful blue light by 55%
  • Available only with the Iron coating
  • All UV Tech lenses can be tinted on request for maximum protection in prescription sun lenses

In recent years many vision problems have been associated with the constant stress on the visual apparatus by these light wavelengths, accentuating retinopathy, eyestrain, macular degeneration, altering melatonin production and changing the circadian rhythm, creating mood swings, sleeplessness and reducing reaction times.

As well as natural outdoor UVA and UVB radiation, our eyes are ever more being subject to the wavelengths of light emitted by the vast majority of digital devices in daily use, such as smartphones, televisions, computer monitors, tablets and, above all, by modern lighting emitting white light, particularly by the new generation LED lights.