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BLUBLOCK is the new coating from Ital-Lenti that reflect out BLUE LIGHT, light rays with a wavelength between 380 and 500nm.

The main natural source of these rays is the sun but they are also present in artificial light, particularly that emitted by the screens of such modern devices as TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones.

The increasing use of these devices is subjecting our eyes to ever greater exposure to this radiation, causing a number of physical disorders, first and foremost sleeplessness, which is becoming chronic throughout the Western world.

Specifically designed to limit the damage caused by blue light, the BLUBLOCK coating is a transparent filter that protects the eyes from harmful radiation.

By eliminating the dazzle effect and notably increasing contrast, BLUBLOCK delivers more natural and therefore more comfortable vision, greatly reducing visual discomfort and eyestrain.

This more relaxed, less tiring vision makes it possible to work for longer in front of the computer without running the risk of irritation, headaches and neck pain.