Twice Easy

Twice Easy is a top-of-the-range DOUBLE SURFACE ADVANCED progressive lens with SOFT VISION geometry, particularly suitable for myopia corrections, thanks to an optimized "Soft Vision" distribution of the progression between far and near and to the innovative Digital Ray Control 3D Technology that allows the best control of the lateral distortion effects, typical in progressive lenses.

Binocular optimization between right and left eyes for a perfect visual balance in lateral vision.

Recalculation of the power in the position of use. Maximum width of the vision areas,
minimizing the swimming effect in motion

Customizable according to the individual parameters of the wearer

Twice Easy lenses are available with the exclusive Iron+, Iron or BluBlock coating.

We recommend Twice Easy UVTech lenses, the innovative material with UV radiation filters and harmful part of blue light until 420 nm.

Also available in NUPOLAR version, the polarized lens ideal for sports or driving and in photochromic versions Transitions GEN8 or Transitions Xtractive