In addition to the technical and geometric characteristics of EXTESA lenses, RELAX lenses include an additional value for the reading area, which reduces the accommodative effort of the eye when many hours are spent focusing on small areas of vision, allowing our visual system to relax even in the phase of greater work, study, reading.

Visual stress, eye redness, little or excessive tearing, even neck pain and even intense headaches, can be a symptom of prolonged visual fatigue. Disorders quite common today, even in the younger age group ranging from 18 to 40 years old, due to the particular stress to which we subject our eyes daily, forced to frequent and continuous use of digital devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets, or even simply in the study or in prolonged reading, situations that force a prolonged focus in near and intermediate vision areas, subjecting our eye to an accommodative stress that after many hours can lead to obvious visual problems.

The slight accommodative support given by the additional value for near allows an optimal relaxation of the lens and the reduction of visual problems.

All Relax lenses are recommended with the combination of UVTech material: the best solution for optimal protection against the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices and ultraviolet radiation.