Office HV

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Office HV


Office is a family of depth-of-field lenses designed for indoor use, therefore in closed spaces, at home or in the office, where the focus area ranges is from 40 cm. of the near up to a maximum intermediate of 4 meters.

The free-form Office degressive lenses have a degression zone that allows reading at close and in intermediate distances, a necessary condition in typical office occupations, where the gaze has to move quickly from the paper on the desk to the computer monitor or in the field of the occupied room.

OFFICE HV is the depth of field office lens made with Free-Form technology.

The lenses can be customized according to the individual postural parameters of the wearer

The dynamic powers are automatically calculated during the production phase based on the chosen use and the additional value.

3 DIFFERENT DESIGNS: The lenses are available in 3 different designs depending on the use and needs of the wearer

  • Book, optimized for reading and manual activities with focusing distance from 40 to 1 m.
  • Monitor, ideal for computer work, with a field of view from 40 cm to 2 meters optimizing the widest viewing area in the intermediate to monitor;
  • Room, for those who need to focus within a large room, such as open space offices, shops, classrooms, with an optimized view from 40 cm to 4 meters.

All Office lenses are recommended in combination with the specific BluBlock anti-reflective coating, or produced in UVTech material: the best solutions for optimal protection against harmful blue light emitted by digital devices.