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Achromatic anti-reflection coating 

ICE is a new concept in anti-reflection coating whose total neutrality gives the lens amazing clarity and purity. Achromatic, transparent, strong, just like ice.


ICE is an achromatic multi-layer anti-reflection coating that eliminates all light and colour reflections, for a much better looking result and even greater visual comfort.


The enhanced contrast and greater transparency guaranteed by ICE, give wearers the sharpest possible vision. Totally free from reflections and ghost images, these lenses make for supremely comfortable vision, particularly for night driving and when working at a VDU, effectively preventing eye strain and irritation.

Easy to glaze 

The super-hydrophobic properties of ICE make the lens surfaces extremely smooth, repelling dust and water. During glazing, the lens is covered with a thin protective film, that can be washed off, to prevent slipping during edging.