Iridium lenses

Mirror finish is the trend of the moment.

From a technical point of view, it is a coatings that improves the performance of the lenses outdoors, especially for those who practice outdoor activities such as skiing or water sports, but its success depends by its aesthetic component.

It gives it a strong personality and eyewear, completely hiding the eyes of those around us in the face, gives a touch of mystery that intrigues and fascinates.

Ital-lenti can apply iridium coatings to any lens view of its production , single vision or progressive, in a range of colors is difficult to beat on the market.
The RED and GOLD , for those who are particularly attentive to the dictates of fashion and loves to style a little ' retro.

The BLUE and GREEN, however, especially for those who need excellent optical performance in sports.

Complete the range mirror colors SILVER, BRONZE, PINK and PURPLE

In the latter case is particularly winning the combination with the lenses 4SPORT combined with computerized cutting system TOP-CUT, a combination that makes every frame of mirrored lenses applicable to any base.